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Web Site Updated 25th November 2021

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Midland Budgerigar Association - November 2021
Report by Trevor Terheege

The MBA held its 2022 Nest Feather Show on Sunday 27th March followed by the AGM.

The attendance at the show was disappointing with only 30 birds entered from 6 exhibitors. Despite the poor attendance there were some very nice birds benched.

The Best in Show Award and Best Novice Award was won by Alan Pearson with a very good Normal Cinnamon Grey Green. Best Champion award went to A & D Woan who exhibited a very nice Normal Cinnamon Light Green. The Best Intermediate award went to Mick Woodfield with a Normal Grey Green Dominant Pied.

Alan Pearson Best in Show & Best Novice

Best Champion A & D Woan

Best Intermediate Mick Woodfield

Following the Nest Feather Show the MBA held its first Annual General Meeting since 2019. The following members were elected:-

Chairman David Woan, Vice Chairman & Publicity Trevor Terheege, Secretary Bruce Greenway, Treasurer Rachel Terheege, Show Secretary Rod Clarke. Subscriptions Secretary Colin Lamb.

The outgoing President Bruce Greenway presented the Chain of Office to the new President Rachel Terheege.

Keith Leedham was confirmed as the President Elect with John Lees as Vice President.

Future Events 2022

Sunday 24th April Nest Feather & Young Stock Show

Sunday 31st July Specialist & Rare Variety Open Gold Show

Saturday 10th September Area Championship Show

Midland Budgerigar Association - November 2021
Report by Trevor Terheege

Due to the COVID outbreak very little has been happening within the Association. As the situation eased in Spring 2021 the committee had mixed views about opening things up. Some felt that we should not do anything in 2021 whilst others were keen to have some shows. Eventually it was decided that we would not hold our Open Show but would hold our Specialist & Rare Variety Show and the 2020 Young Bird Show on the same weekend.

The 2020 Young Bird Show was held on Saturday, 23rd October 2021 with Keith Leedham as the main panel judge and with Steve Rich as a subsidiary judge. We were one of only two Area Societies that took the option to run this show which was subsidised by the BS. It was a good to meet up with fellow exhibitors after such a long break and the show was well supported with well over 100 birds entered resulting in 97 birds being benched.

A & D Woan took the honours for Best Young Bird and Best Young Bird Opposite Sex. Best Intermediate Young Bird went to Mick Woodfield and Best Novice Young Bird was won by Oliver & Simon Williams.

The Specialist & Rare Variety Gold show which was held on the Sunday also received better support than we expected with 175 birds being benched. The judges on the day were Janice & Ghalib Al-Nasser with Steve Rich (subsidiary judge)

The standard of the birds benched was very good with nine Champion exhibitors, one Intermediate and two Novices.

Keith Leedham with Steve Rich Steve Rich with Janice & Ghalib Al-Nasser     

The Specialist & Rare Variety Show

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