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Web Site Updated 31-01-2018

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President Rod Clarke 2016 Handing over to Cy Thorne President for 2017

The Association has had a number of changes in its Officials this year bought about by the resignation of our Secretary Bruce Greenway. Bruce has held the position since 1992 and we would like to thank him for his many years of service.

We also welcome our new President Cy Thorne for 2017 who has taken over from Rod Clarke. Cy continues to be our Patronage Secretary, a position which he has held for a number of years. Unfortunately the Association is still without an Editor for our News Letter and would welcome any one that would like to take on this position.

The Association has seen a drop in members in recent years and the Committee is trying to address this by putting on some new events and producing a Hand Book.

In October 2016 the MBA held its first Specialist and Rare Open Show and received more entries than any other Area Specialist and Rare Show in the country. It is hoped that we can build on that success this year.

As we enter into 2018 The MBA has ordered replacement judging stands with assistance from Birmingham BS as we both use the same show hall.

Our existing wooden stands were looking worse for wear and did not have any adjustment for height. The new stands, which are being manufactured by Terry Ross one of our members are made from aluminium which is light and with adjustable judging platforms.

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